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Dr. DeVale has picked a winning team of very experienced producers, tax advisors to help produce healing films that will finance the Institutes research projects for curing diseases. She has on her staff exceptional talent and two award winning writers and producers. We also have a feature film producer here in Florida, Diane Foti, who has been a successful line producer and production manager for many years, producing in all areas Feature Films, Shorts, Movies of the week, TV series, Reality Pilot, Commercials, Infomercials, and Music Videos. Dr. DeVale picked her for her reputation to come in on time and on-budget, an example of this is 88 episodes of the equalizer.

There is also Jonathan G. Chambers who has been in the film business as a producer, first AD and line producer for over 30 years. He has had exceptional notes of recommendations. He has a long list of movies and clients he has worked with… Dr. DeVale picked him for his attention to detail. There is also Melissa Gruver who has worked on 13 features and two TV shows. all of these people are in florida. I picked Melisa for her excellent communication skills and her ability to work fast under pressure, be responsive, beat time-limits, be clear with her communication with me and for her extensive professional achievements and skills in many different areas, her ability to network and her platform skills. While we won’t need all of these producers they won’t all be available for the shoot as they are all in high demand… but we will always have a minimum of two experienced producers aboard to keep ourselves covered at all times.

Until recently, the industry has been controlled by the major studios, making investment opportunities in individual films generally unavailable to the public. But due to the increased demand for American made films worldwide and the development of new markets-250 new formats, like network, pay services on cable/satellite television, internet streaming , DVD and BluRay markets, and many others. There is a tremendous shortfall of quality product. The growth of all these markets has created a demand, which cannot be met by the studios alone. These major studios and distribution companies now rely on independently financed films to fill this void.

Although the major studios have large budgets, many have had a careless attitude towards spending which has resulted in budget wastes and cost overruns. “Bigger” is not always “better”. Facts show that an independent film can be produced for low budget for 2.5 million to 10 million, and sometimes even lower for 500,000 depending upon the story. Also will be shooting short educational films and documentaries with lower budgets. This is possible today when new production technology is coupled with a no frills, back to basics business attitude. Healing Films welcomes you to the exciting world of feature length healing films and TV shows. Donations are tax deductible. Unfortunately I am not allowed to offer you a profit as we are a non-profit. But we can offer you a tax deduction for your contribution and other incentives like a co-producer credit if the donation is high enough and your satisfaction for your participation in something that can really help heal the world and change it for the better.

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For further information you can contact Dr. Jeri DeVale: / (727) 374-3092