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Our Story

Who We Are

We are a nonprofit organization Founded in January of 2011, by Dr. Jeri DeVale. We are dedicated to helping bring humanity to wholeness. The Institute of Healing Arts and Films was created as a non-profit organization for charitable, scientific and educational purposes. We now have official non-profit status 5013c. Our mission is to help bring humanity to health and wholeness.

It’s All About Passion!

We do this through a variety of means: low cost holistic psychotherapy, marriage, family and child counseling in a holistic mind-body-spirit modality where we combine the creative arts with the healing arts.

In addition to in person therapy Dr. DeVale offers telephone therapy or video therapy on-line through Skype to those who need counseling for self development, conflict resolution, communication and stress relief during times of crisis or just everyday problems; in addition to those wanting more spiritual growth and expansion. This is an excellent alternative for those clients too busy for an actual in person appointment, and for those too distant to travel. She also offers in-person counseling/education for those who are close enough to make an office visit practical. These visits can be made at your convenience, just call or E-mail for an appointment, These sessions are always confidential.

Care To Join Us?

We are a non-profit charitable institution your donations are tax deductible so please consider donating either money or your time or both…volunteer, learn, spread the word, celebrate life with us…be happy. There are limitless ways you can help. Help us fundraise by donating what you can art work, songs, help us create concerts, parties, raffles. If you have a talent and knowledge and want to teach a class let us know.

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For further information you can contact Dr. Jeri DeVale: / (727) 374-3092