What if we had scientifically proven vital information on the mental and emotional states of consciousness that makes one susceptible to a particular disease?

Dr. Jeri DeVale’s father died of pancreatic cancer when she was 4 years old. Consequently she has always wanted to help cancer victims in any way that she can. With this in mind she is doing vital cancer research that would help prevent you getting cancer in the first place and if you already have cancer it would help insure that the treatment would work and if you are in remission it will help keep you in remission. If you have cancer whether you are newly diagnosed, in middle of treatment or in remission please call Dr. DeVale 727-374-3092 to make an appointment for psychological testing. It’s free of charge.

If we work to change the mental state of consciousness that holds a disease like cancer in place…the chances of relapse would then be a lot slimmer. We need as many volunteers as possible for the psychological testing to see if there are common threads…if so we will do a much larger number of people to see if it proves out. We will then do this with every major disease. Please donate and help us do this vital research.

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