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If you teach T’ai Chi or Qigong let us know. If you want to facilitate a book discussion let us know. If you are a newspaper consider giving us a non-profit rate so the word can be spread. If you are a business or corporation your donation is tax deductible plus we have many seminars for both your employees growth and your businesses efficiency that can be of assistance. Donate cars, houses, bake cookies for our events and help us with refreshments. Sign up for our monthly newsletter on this site and for daily wisdom and inspiration sign up for our daily newsletter on our sister site The Daily Awakener where something is always happening and life is never dull. The blessings already are here and now in each moment.

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Jeri DeVale, PhD
6241 43rd Terrace N
Kenneth City, Florida 33709
Telephone: 727-374-3092
Fax: 727-374-9819

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