Dear Brave Hearts,

We can as a group help make fantastic changes for our lives, our families, our governments, our prosperity, our world. I’m sure many of you have heard the phrase that when 2 or more are gathered together in my name I am there also.

Well this is how it magnifies… if you are one person and you visualize something like prosperity for all. It only has the energy of one person… for each new person you add it is 7 times the energy that goes out into the universe on this thought. So if you have even 30 people visualizing you have the energy of 210 people thinking the same thing radiating out into the universe. Here is the trick though… you must send it out pure…you can’t have any of your pictures of how something you want can come about. After we say what it is we want to visualize we must always say this is done with free will and for the good of all… the most important step. Otherwise if you cross other people’s will it can backfire. So if you would like to participate with this send me an email me telling me so…and add one wish about changes you would like to see and as soon as I get at least 30 people I will set up a time we can do this together…when you email me please tell me what time zone you are in. Thanks. We can also join then with other groups who might be doing the same thing allowing even more energy on our positive thoughts. My love to you all.

Dr. Jeri DeVale